Parish Church of Fagagna

The Parish Church of Fagagna is dedicated to “Santa Maria Assunta” and is one of the oldest churches in Friuli, its name appearing for the first time in a document from 1247 but it is not known how old it is. Probably the earlier Parish Church stood in the plain and was transferred to the hills around the fifth century AD, away from the barbaric invasions.

In his research, Msgr. Biasutti, a noted historian, argued that Fagagna was one of the first parish churches of the Church in Friuli. Near the parish church passes the Roman road Concordia – ad Silanos (the latter a town more or less at modern-day Artegna). In 1250 its Annuities were annexed to the Chapter of Cividale and since then it has been administered by two vicars appointed by the Chapter although chosen by the local Community.

The church consists of a rectangular hall with a semicircular apse and two naves. Inside is the altar by Torretti from the early eighteenth century, the organ by Francesco Comelli (1788) and the baptismal font which is the work of Pilacorte (1504). From the north side of the embankment you can enjoy a nice panoramic view towards the distant mountains.