Church of S. Leonardo

In its present form the church dates from the first half of the fourteenth century and consists of a single room on a rectangular plan with an arched Gothic portal in the façade, surmounted by a small oculus. The sides have two small arches that continue to run along the side walls and which originally contained the painted busts of saints.

The interior still retains part of the frescoes, created between the first half of the fourteenth and the fifteenth centuries, that tell of San Leonardo’s life and scenes from Jesus’ birth and the Passion of Christ. Recent renovations have brought to light important frescoes attributed to the school of Giotto and / or Vitale from Bologna, who was active in the Cathedral of Udine from 1348 to 1349. In the apse is shown the crucifixion of Christ and, on the opposite façade, the Last Judgment.