Oasi dei Quadris

The area called “Oasi dei Quadris”, covering about 7 hectares (16 acres), is located north-west of Fagagna, in the bifurcation between the two roads leading to Majano and Caporiacco. The name “Quadris” comes from the name given to a few rectangular water-bodies that constitute the most striking and characteristic environment of the site, testimony to the excavation of clay that had already begun by 1700. The wet areas of Quadris are very rich in birdlife including grey herons, moorhens, kingfishers and the penduline tit.

The Oasis of Quadris came about in the late 1980s, with a project for the reintroduction of the White Stork in Italy. In fact this species had no longer nested in Italy for decades other than sporadically, preferring to use the Spanish (Strait of Gibraltar) or the Middle East (Israel and Sinai) migratory routes. The successful reintroduction of this elegant and long-legged species around Fagagna, of great educational importance, has for many years been the main reason for the existence of the Oasis.

A fianco di questo progetto cardine si sono sviluppate negli anni altre importanti iniziative che hanno coinvolto l’Ibis eremita (Progetto Ibis), la flora dell’Oasi (Progetto floro-faunistico) e l’introduzione dei Konik (cavalli primitivi) nell’autunno del 2013. È presente inoltre una ricca collezione di anatidi tra cui citiamo l’alzavola, l’anatra marmorizzata, la casarca, il codone, il fischione, il fistione turco, il germano reale, la moretta tabaccata, il mestolone, il moriglione, la volpoca, l’oca collorosso, l’oca facciabianca, l’oca lombardella e l’oca selvatica.



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